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Visitors page. If you have a good photo and want me to add it, email above or let me know and I will send you my postal address. Prefer boars and dogs, nothing too gory please.

A photo from Gryph . Zac picked up this pigs marks and went straight in on him taking the rest of the dogs. This pig had been nutted and was well known around the district, full of shot and .22`s, everyone had had a crack at him but all it took was some handy dogs and a knife for the end result. Gryph  with one of his dogs Zulu, later killed pig hunting.

Sent in by David. The pig was caught in the Snowy Mountain area. The black and white dog is a Bully Border Collie, the brindle one was a Dane Bully Rotty cross and the white one was a leggy Bully cross Cattle Dog

. A couple of "Saltydogs" in competition at the American Catahoula Association fall show. 
Savage & Bozo at San Augustine, TX ACA show October, 2001


As Above

  "TIME TO BREAK CAMP!!!"                  Salty Dog's Casey Girl (on the right), by DC's jumpin Jack Flash out of Saltydog's Missy. Saltydog's Casey Girl is raised and owned by James & Teresa Morehead, of Saltydog Catahoulas. Sanglier's Jiggs (on left) By 5-L's Scooby out of Sanglier's Moonpie. Jiggs is owned by Allan Mills.    The wild hog charging is known as "Blind Hog", as he is blind in his right eye. Blind Hog is owned by Louis and Judy Smith of Blue Sky Catahoulas,. Many fine hour has been spent with the Smith's working hog's and training dog's! (Photo by James Morehead of Saltydog Catahoulas).  

AUSCAT CATAHOULAS. thought these may interest some readers. These were sent in by David and as far as I know the only Catahoulas in Australia.

As Above

As Above

From Carlos. Two American Pit Bulls, "Shooter" and "Loana". This boar was taken in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

As Above.

From Brett Metcalf. Ute load of pigs and Brett with his dog Bear, caught at Nyngan,  in hand      70kg Boar. 





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