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Boardogs Photo competition

The competition format has changed slightly, I have started a monthly photo section to post photos sent in by visitors to Boardogs. Each month prize's will be given out for the winning entry. The Month of January 2007, will be sponsored by Bloom Brothers, with a copy of their DVD, a T-shirt and sticker, including a cap from Boardogs. Keep an eye on the prizes each month and get your entries in.

Entries into the previous competition will be entered into the January 2007 Monthly Photos.

Click on the MONTHLY PHOTOS link on the left to enter or just keep an eye on the entries.

Where to send the photos?

Email photos via contact me link at the top of this page. Or mail to: Ian Colley, PO Box 5396, Port Macquarie NSW 2444 (please include a stamped self addressed envelope if you want the photos returned)


Boardogs reserves the right to only publish photos deemed of suitable quality and subject matter.
Winners will be judged on image quality and subject matter.
Photos will be added as they come in or time permits,
prizes must be claimed within 2 months of entering.

Thanks in advance to all for participating and a big thank you to the sponsors.

Winners from the last competition below.

First prize:

Second Prize:

Category winners are listed below.

1. Your hunting dogs, or dog team


2. Spoils of the Hunt (photos of the boar, hunter etc)

Big tusks  

Monster Boars (Hell Yeah….)

The country you hunt

Other game and Shooting

Action Shots

Other - Pig Rigs, Quads, a laugh, the camp etc



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