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What you will find on Boardogs.

Boardogs relies on contributions and participation from you, to help make the site more interesting and enjoyable. I am always on the lookout for photos, stories, tips, ideas or anything that is hunting related, so if you want to contribute, please click on the 'contact me' button above and send me an email.

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Photo Galleries: The biggest and the best collection of big boar and pig dog photos on the web. If you like looking at big boars you can spend hours browsing through the galleries. Note: To view larger images left click on all thumbnail images to enlarge,  click on large photo to return to page.

Video Galleries: Short play videos of hunting wild boar with dogs, plenty of action. Please be patient they may take some time to load depending on your connection speeds.

Classifieds: If you have something to sell, or looking for something in particular, there is always plenty to pick from. If you want more information on how to advertise click HERE

Breed Information: Looking for a particular breed of dog, or just some information on a particular breed or cross, and their hunting prowess, there is plenty of information here.

Hunting Tips: Information that will help the novice and experienced hunters alike. We are never to old to learn. The information supplied is from myself and other hunters who have gained their experience by getting out there and hunting.

Stories: Contributions from myself and Boardogs members. Some great reading and a bit of a laugh.

Advertisers: looking for a particular product that relates to hunting or fishing, this page is worth a look. Plenty of gear to pick from. Don't forget to let them know that you found them on Boardogs.

Monthly Photos: A new addition in January 2007, updated by contributions from visitors on an almost daily basis. Keep an eye on these pages for some great hunting photos. And if you would like to contribute just click on the contact me button at the top of the page. Photo content must be suitable for publication and Boardogs reserves the right to publish material we deem suitable. Click HERE to view.

The Forum: Unfortunately the forum and chat no longer exist, to all who have participated in both, thanks for your support over the years. To replace the forums I now run a monthly photo section as per above.

Competitions: Replaced by the Monthly Photo segment above, a chance to win some great prizes and actively participate in the site.

Events: Around Australia each year any number of hunting related events occur. If you would like to advertise on Boardogs, click 'contact me' above.

What's New: Keep an eye on this page, all updates to Boardogs are posted here, an easy way to keep up with the constant additions and changes to the site.

Copyright: All information, photos etc are the property of Ian Colley and Boardogs and must not be used unless you have my written permission.

Hot Linking: This is not allowed at all, and please note that all images are protected by copy right.

A little about Ian Colley and Boardogs.

I have lived and breathed hunting for most of my life, especially pursuing feral pigs with the aid of dogs and have passed this passion on to my son, Stephen. The majority of my hunting has been in the New England area and North Western New South Wales and South West Queensland. I have also hunted pigs to a lesser extent in Southern New South Wales, Central Queensland and Cape York.

I currently live in New South Wales, Australia, but I had to relocate to the coast with my job, which unfortunately has reduced the opportunities I have to hunt, hence the creation of Boardogs. I like nothing better than talking about pig hunting, good dogs and big boars so with the reduction in hunting I decided to learn how to create a web site.

Well that was 5 years ago now and the site has grown from a very basic one of displaying some of my photos, to a more interactive site through the addition of a message forum and live chat functionality that allows hunters from all over the world to discuss and learn more about their favourite pass time. Hunters can also post their own photos of successful hunts, their favourite dogs, hunting rigs etc for all to enjoy and discuss online. A lot of members have teamed up with each other for hunts and some strong friendships have been created via Boardogs.

Boardogs, hopefully will continue to grow and be enjoyed by the thousands of hunters that visit each week, learning from fellow visitors or offering advice from personal experiences for the novice and not so novice hunters. I am the first to admit I have learnt a lot from the few brief years the site has been up and running and I have been fortunate to have met some great people.

Enjoy your visit to Boardogs.




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